The new VOXEL metrology station is ON

Around the beginning of 2017, IPFN received a new laser for the VOXEL program (Volumetric medical X-ray imaging at extremely low dose), thanks to the support of the European Commission under the program Horizon2020. The new laser will create an ultra-short and ultra-intense infrared light source, which focused on gases and solid targets like metals, creates x-rays to test the VOXEL camera. These tests will be crucial to calibrate the VOXEL camera prototype.

In a more technical basis, the GoLP team currently has a dual 800 nm laser providing 25 mJ - 40 fs - 10Hz and 7.5 mJ - 30 fs - 1kHz beams on a daily basis. With this configuration, the team hopes to build the X-ray beam lines, which will result toward nice experimental results.

As PI of the GoLP division of the VOXEL program, Marta Fajardo thanked all the involved in the effort, and welcomed all interested in booking a tour to the new facilities.

If you want to know more about the VOXEL program, you can read about it in