From fusion to painting with light

On February 17, IPFN received around 50 students and four teachers from Romeu Correia Secondary School, Almada. The students, most of whom are attending the 11th grade, are developing a project that brings together Arts and Science, in which they study topics like light and colour, optics and materials. Therefore, they chose to visit IPFN to further understand light, nuclear fusion and plasmas, and their possible artistic role.

The group had a chance to visit the ISTTOK tokamak and learn about how nuclear fusion powers the sun – the most well known source of natural light! This was complemented by a hands-on activity about representing colours with ink and with light, and the role of optical elements such as colour filters and polarisers. Furthermore, they also learned about the differences between CMYK and RGB colours in a brief presentation, which was also followed by interactive activities that further explained these concepts.

The students were intrigued, and their questions ranged from how colour works on 3D films to wanting to learn more about ITER. We hope they have enjoyed their visit to IPFN and wish them all the best for their project!