New books on Electromagnetism and Optics by Jorge Loureiro

Jorge Loureiro, a longtime IPFN member now retired, has launched a new book on Electromagnetism and Optics (in Portuguese), edited by IST Press. The book is organised into two volumes: a handbook (680 pages) and an exercise book (320 pages). The book launch was held at Instituto Superior Técnico, the 21st of February.

Jorge Loureiro develops his research in low-temperature plasmas of atomic and molecular gases. He authored and co-authored almost a hundred papers and a number of books. During his teaching career, he also taught courses on Classical Electrodynamics, Plasma Physics, Gas Discharges, and Atomic and Molecular Plasma Physics.

This book reflects Prof. Loureiro’s long scientific and pedagogical experience in teaching these courses at IST for more than 30 years. It is a comprehensive work suitable both for self-study or for accompanying a university-level course. Apart from the core concepts, each chapter is complemented by a number of appendices dealing with advanced concepts.

Image by Instituto Superior Técnico.