IPFN in the winning team of the AGiLE project

AGiLE is a SI I&DT project co-promoted by Imeguisa Portugal - Indústrias Metálicas Reunidas, S.A., Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Lda. and IST, represented by ISR and IPFN.

The project, entitled 'Resilience, optimization and efficiency in real-time supply of assembly lines by a fleet of autonomous mobile robots”, is focused on the development of a technological system to enable end-to-end automation of  intra-logistic flows in productive areas applicable in existing factories.

The advanced trajectory optimization algorithms developed in the scope of the remote handling activities of the ITER project are an important contribution to this project and will be implemented in the autonomous mobile robots. Studies of navigation technologies in nuclear fusion power plants, such as ITER and DEMO, are also key players in the obstacle detection and avoidance, as well as real-time location of the fleet of these robots in a complex and dynamic scenario.

The objectives of the project include the development in terms of the behaviour of autonomous vehicles in a fleet situation and the decentralized optimization of trajectories between all vehicles, avoiding situations of congestion of corridors and loss of traffic efficiency. The mobile robots will, in a decentralized and real-time manner, distribute the existing replenishment orders in the system.
The AGiLE project received funding under the Portugal 2020 program and European Structural and Investment Funds from the European Union in the amount of approximately 1.3 million euros and has started on 20 May 2021.