AIP Scilights features IPFN paper

'Detailed numerical simulation of cathode spots in vacuum arcs: interplay of different mechanisms and ejection of droplets' is a work concerned with modelling of cathode spots in vacuum arcs. 

The activity was carried out by researchers of the Group of High-Pressure Plasma of IPFN, based at Universidade da Madeira, and of Siemens AG Corporate Technology, Germany, and has PhD student Helena Kaufmann as the first author. The paper was suggested for promotion through the Scilights project of American Institute of Physics Publishing.

Scilights are short summaries of research articles, written for a scientific audience, emphasizing the significance of the research to a particular field. AIP Publishing identifies a selection of the most interesting and noteworthy research for Scilights, hosting them on Scitation, and promoting them alongside the research article. 

The Scilight summary of the paper is entitled “A thorough numerical model of cathode spots challenges conventional wisdom”.