Visits to IPFN labs

Friday the 13th was visit day for the 9th grade students from Basic and Secondary School Padre Manuel Álvares, from Madeira. They came to visit Lisbon, and they stopped by IPFN, to learn some more about Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion.

The visit started at ISTTOK, IPFN's tokamak, where they learned what is a plasma, what's fusion, and how a tokamak works.

Following this vist, they went to PEL (Plasma Engineering Laboratory). Here they talked a bit more about fusion, but this time it was cold fusion. They also found out what graphene is, which is the main focus of the research lead in this lab.

This visit was organized by the Student Support Unit (NAPE), in colaboration with IPFN, which allowed these students to learn about plasmas and, who knows, maybe they will want to come back in the future as Técnico students!