Scientific Reports features PEL/N-PRiME paper on graphene synthesis

Towards large-scale in free-standing graphene and n-graphene sheets” by E. Tatarova (PI of the Plasma Engineering Laboratory of N-PRiME) and collaborators has been selected as one of the top 100 read materials science papers for Scientific Reports in 2017.

Scientific Reports is a Nature Research journal that publishes, every year, a large number of materials science papers. In 2017, this number was above 4500 papers, hence a position in the top 100 most highly read articles is an extraordinary achievement, demonstrating that the scientific content of the work is of real value to the research community. 

The paper reports how microwave-driven plasmas were successfully applied for the first time to the selective synthesis of high-quality graphene and N-graphene free-standing sheets at high-yield. The main advantages of the plasma approach are the scalability and the control over the assembly process.

The research, lead by IPFN, was performed in the framework of a strong collaboration effort, involving Instituto Superior Técnico / University of Lisbon and Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia / New University of Lisbon (Portugal), GREMI (France), Faculty of Physics / Sofia University (Bulgaria), Institute Josef Stefan Ljubljana (Slovenia), and Kiel University (Germany).