Summer with Science 2021 at IPFN

In the scope of the Summer with Science 2021 initiative, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) granted IPFN funding for 9 research initiation grants, for a period of one month.

These scholarships will be awarded to participants in the first IPFN Science Summer Camp (ISSC). This will be an immersive research experience to be carried out from 30th August and 30th September 2021, in a first step towards developing research in a top R&D unit in Portugal, aimed at higher education students. 

Participants will develop research activities from a wide portfolio of projects, taking advantage of the exciting and cosmopolitan research environment at IPFN. The work will be done in close interaction with the different research groups and under the supervision of one or more researchers, allowing students to develop their skills in scientific research. Full immersion and experience throughout ISSC 2021 in the IPFN research groups will be privileged.

With this program, FCT provides specific support for scientific and technological research activities within R&D units with the goal of enhancing their scientific value and technological capacity and strengthening their links with higher education and society. This support is intended to foster the initiation into scientific activity, while contributing to the promotion of scientific and technological culture and to the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge among higher education students. Supported projects will be carried out between July 30th and September 30, 2021.

 More information about the applications will be released soon.