The Group of Theory and Modelling focuses on theoretical and numerical studies of magnetic confinement fusion (MCF) plasmas, in support of the European fusion programme. The main areas of expertise are topics of critical importance for the success of the fusion roadmap, and of ITER in particular: wave-particle interactions, plasma momentum and intrinsic rotation, MHD activity, tokamak equilibrium, edge turbulence and interpretation of diagnostics data, particularly reflectometry.

Group Leader: Rui Coelho


  • Comprehensive assessment of plasma equilibrium and magnetohydrodynamic stability on current and next generation fusion devices
  • Linear and non-linear interplay between energetic suprathermal particles and plasma waves
  • First principle interpretation of intrinsic plasma rotation generation in Tokamak plasmas
  • Quantitative understanding of plasma turbulence, including the role of the different transport mechanisms
  • Advanced Integrated Modelling solutions for present and next generation fusion plasma experiments


Rui Coelho, Group Leader:

  rcoelho at