MARIA is a project developed with the goal of easily creating a radiological heatmap of your surroundings. We present a solution that is characterized by its simplicity without neglecting and compromising the performance in the workfield. Furthermore, our solution conveniently integrates collaborative missions, allowing numerous users to combine their efforts to create a single heatmap.

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Main Features


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MARIA empowers organizations to quickly detect hazardous radiation and identify life-threatening locations, by precisely locating radiation sources and constructing a heatmap of the surrounding area.

MARIA works on mobile devices connected to a common radiation sensor, and easily enables collaborative efforts. The gathered data is stored on a remote server where advanced analytics can be performed.

By connecting the radiation sensor to your device through the USB port, you are instantly ready to start taking measurements. You are able to view these measurements values in the "Sensor Mode", or view their representation in the "Map Mode".

Through MARIA, our goal is to create a radiological heatmap of the entire world, powered by the collaborative efforts of hundreds of users. Furthermore, over time we will be able to see the variation in radioactivity levels, opening the door to detect unstable situations before they occur.

Yoeri Brouwer
Alberto Vale
Bruno Gonçalves