Workshop EFTSOMP

(Electric Fields, Turbulence and Self-Organisation in Magnetised Plasmas)

29-30 June 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

Invited Talks
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Invited Talks

Deliang Yu, SWIP

Observation of the ion internal transport barrier on HL-2A

Emilio Sánchez, CIEMAT

Influence of electric fields on zonal flows in stellarators

Marco Cavedon, IPP Garching

Fast radial electric field dynamics on ASDEX Upgrade and comparison with neoclassical


Kimitaka Itoh, LHD, Toki

Role of neoclassical radial electric field (tbc)

Grégoire Hornung, U Gent

Experimental characterization of the plasma staircase in tokamaks

Zhouji Huang, CRPP, Lausanne

Structure and scalings of GAMs in TCV

István Cziegler, MIT

Interaction between turbulence, zonal flows and profiles (tbc)

Gregor Birkenmeier, IPP Garching

Recent I-Phase studies on AUG

George Tynan, UC San Diego

Overview on I-phase studies

Adi Liu, USTC

Observation of Intermittent small scale turbulence during ELM mitigation on EAST

Matteo Zuin, Consorzio RFX, Padova

Experimental Observation and Characterization of Microtearing Modes in a Toroidal Fusion


C. Moon, U Tohoku

Dynamics of Nonlinear Interactions between Electron Temperature Gradient Mode and Ion-

-scale Fluctuations in Linear Magnetized Plasmas

Jan Horacek, IPP Prague

Fast reciprocation probe measurements of deep pedestal turbulence during H-modes (tbc)

Alexey Gurchenko, IOFFE, St. Petersburg

Comparative study of multi-scale turbulence at FT-2 by Doppler reflectometry and global

gyrokinetic modelling