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Welcome to the home page of the Theory and Modelling group of the EURATOM-IST Fusion Association, part of IPFN (Institute for Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion).

  1. -News / Announcements:

    (see here for a complete list of the seminars held by our group. All meetings/seminars held at 11:00 at the meeting room of Complexo Interdisciplinar) unless otherwise indicated.

   12/12/2014 --- Dr. Filomena Nave awarded a Consolidation Grant from FCT (Investigador FCT programme)

    12/12/2014 --- Seminar: Dr. Filipe da Silva (IPFN): “Simulation of reflectometry using Finite-Difference Time-Domain Codes”

    14/11/2014 --- Seminar: Dr. Edmund Highcock, (Oxford): “Subcritical turbulence in real fusion experiments”.

    20/10/2014 --- Seminar: Dr. Federico Halpern (CRPP, EPFL): “Plasma turbulence in the tokamak scrape-off layer” (held at 14:30)

    16/09/2014 --- Seminar: Prof. Frank Jenko (IPP Garching): “Turbulence in laboratory and natural plasmas: Extracting basic principles from petascale simulations” (held in room PA2, at 11:30)

    12/09/2014 --- Seminar: Prof. Alex Schekochihin: “Towards a theory of plasma dynamo – magnetic fields and microinstabilities in a weakly collisional plasma”  (at 14:30)

    04/06/2014 --- Post-Doc Position availablenow closed.

    03/06/2014 --- Seminar: Ponkris Klaywittaphat (Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, Thailand): "Heat pulse propagation studies in JET plasmas with density limit disruptions"

    30/05/2014 --- Seminar: Martin Weidl (IPP Garching): “Particle acceleration in imbalanced MHD turbulence”

    28/03/2014 --- Seminar: Prof. Santiago R. Cortes (IPFN, U. Beira Interior): “Observation of MHD fluctuations driven by impurity emission in JET ITER-like-wall regimes” – exceptionally, this seminar is at 14h.


  1. -How to reach us:

Our group is hosted on level 6 of “Complexo Interdisciplinar” (building no. 26 on this map) on IST’s Alameda Campus. Phone: +351 21 841 7696.


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