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Guidelines to speakers and participants

The main goal of the Workshop is to provide an overview of the state-of-art of this field, difficulties and objectives and hopefully foster cross-fertilization among the institutions. Below you will find details about the Workshop aims and guidelines for the preparation of your talks as well as the preparation of discussions.


 The aim of the workshop is two-fold:
(a) a technical exchange on current challenges and experiences, as well as
(b) the identification of synergies and possible future collaborations. This implies on the one side a wide spectrum of issues to be addressed, as well as the challenge to be assertive in a limited amount of time. This holds especially true for the first session, thus we kindly remind you on your respective available time (mostly 15min) succeeded by 5min discussion.

Already for the latter discussion, but certainly for the wrap-up and discussion session participants are requested to streamline the subjects towards the workshop objectives.

For this purpose, participants are kindly asked to consider the following aspects in the presentation, as well as possibly prepare a respective summary table at the end.


For Speakers

Please note:
 - please streamline your presentation according to the details mentioned further below
 - based on the proposed points-of-interest, please provide preliminary inputs/suggestions for the discussion session (see attached template)
 - to allow for one iteration between us, please provide this information by next Thursday
 - don't hesitate in contacting the organizers and/or you session chair in case you've further questions

Participants should keep in mind that one of the primary goals is to collect specific technology areas with potential collaborative interest for development and synergetic benefit. Specific information shall be captured as far as possible according the following points:
 * Areas of possible common interests to several organizations
 * Areas viable for knowledge transfer from one institution to others
 * Areas viable for collaborations (sharing) of infrastructure (both available and investment), possibly providing cross institutional access to infrastructure at the partner institutions
 * Potential new technical developments with goals common to more than one institution 
 Based on the above, the Organizing Committee would be grateful if you could fill this information in the template word document. It will help to further streamline the discussion sessions as well as in preparing a final report on the workshop to  be distributed to EIROForum and participant organizations.


For Session Chairs

Session Chairs should lead the discussion and prepare the summary of the session

The following template should be used


For Participants

Stimulating the discussion will help to further understand the issues and concerns and enable identifying sinergies

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