The IST, in collaboration of IPFN (Institute for Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion) and ISR (Insititute for Systems and Robotics), has been participating in Remote Handling (RH) related projects of ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) since 1996. The ITER is the world's largest experimental nuclear fusion facility and the first in history to produce 500 MW.

Since 2013, IST is also participating in the development of the design concept and perform prototype testing of ex-vessel transfer casks and servo manipulators in DEMO (DEMOnstration Power Plant), under the EUROfusion consortium. DEMO is a proposed nuclear fusion power station that is intended to build upon the ITER experimental nuclear fusion reactor. The objectives of DEMO are usually understood to lie somewhere between those of ITER and a "first of a kind" commercial station.

Since 2016, IST is part of the consortium that won a contract, considered to be one of the biggest robotics contracts to date in the field of fusion energy.

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