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    Reaching Oxygen-Accumulated production through Non-thermal Discharges on MARS


Project ROADMARS is an exporatory project funded by FCT and aims demonstrating the feasability and interest of using microwave plasma sources for in-situ resource utilization applications in space exploration, namely to produce oxygen, fuel and other value-added products from CO2 decomposition under Martian conditions.


  • Install a new lightweight and compact microwave plasma source in the laboratory, dedicated to oxygen production under Martian conditions;
  • Identify the optimal conditions for a microwave plasma reactor do operate under Martian enviornment;
  • Create an experimental framework on which physical mechanisms of Martian plasmas can be explored via different plasma diagnostics;
  • Develop a modelling tool targeted at validating experimental while studying the mechanisms that are responsible for plasma-based CO2 decomposition on Mars;
  • Validate plasma kinetics associated to charged and neutral species of Martian plasmas.
Tiago Silva , PI
Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear
Instituto Superior Técnico
1049-001 Lisboa

Instituto Superior Técnico
Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear
Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research

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