The Workshop will be held at Instituto Superior Técnico. Arrangements for accommodation at special rates have been made at the following hotels:

HotelSingle RoomDouble Room
AS Lisboa
€ 55
€ 65
Holliday Inn
€ 90
€ 100

All hotels are located at a walking distance from IST (see map below). The indicated rates are only valid between 2nd and 6th May 2009. No accommodation requests will be accepted for hotels other than the ones indicated above. Please indicate as soon as possible, and preferably not later than 2nd March 2009, your accommodation requirements by completing and faxing or e-mailing the Accommodation Form (in PDF or MS Word) to the workshop secretary Mrs. Cristina Vitorino (fax nr. +351218417819). Please note that the number of rooms reserved in each hotel is limited. Therefore, late requests may result in more expensive accommodation.

Map with hotel locations

Hotel locations around IST