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      Proc. 9th Intl. Reflectometry Workshop - IRW9 (Lisboa, May 2009), IPFN Report (nr), p*** (2009)

Individual papers (in colour) are available below. All documents are in PDF format with file size shown in brackets.

Turbulence measurements using Doppler reflectometry on ASDEX Upgrade  (544kB)
G.D. Conway, C. Troster, J. Schirmer, C. Lechte, W. Suttrop, E. Poli, H. Zohm, and the ASDEX Upgrade Team
New experimental results obtained using microwave reflectometry in HL-2A tokamak  (112kB)
W.W. Xiao, X.T. Ding, X.L. Zou, Z.T. Liu, Y.D. Gao, J.Q. Dong, L.H. Yao, B.B. Feng, X.M. Song, S.D. Song, Y. Zhou, C.Y. Chen, L.W. Yan, Q.W. Yang, Yi Liu, X.R. Duan, C.H. Pan, Yong Liu.
Reflectometer measurement of deformation of the plasma boundary by M.H.D. modes in the MAST tokamak  (312kB)
G. Cunningham
An X-mode reflectometry study on the reflection point for the density profile reconstruction  (312kB)
S. Heuraux, F. Clairet, F. da Silva
Study of radial correlation reflectometry using a 2D full-wave code  (189kB)
E. Blanco, T. Estrada, T. Happel
Fast sweeping reflectometry upgrade on Tore Supra  (1MB)
F. Clairet, C. Bottereau, J. C. Giacalone, D. Molina, R. Sabot, M. Schubert, L. Ducobu, F. Leroux, S. Heuraux
Status of correlation reflectometry analysis in JET  (388kB)
A. C. A. Figueiredo, L. Meneses, B. Alper, and JET-EFDA Contributors
Doppler Reflectometer System in the Stellarator TJ-II  (356kB)
T. Happel, T. Estrada, E. Blanco
Profile reflectometry upgrade on JET  (396kB)
C. Bottereau, F. Clairet, J. C. Giacalone, D. Molina, R. Sabot, B. Alper, J. Fessey, A. Sirinelli, M. Walsh, L. Cupido, L. Meneses
Full wave test of analytical theory for fixed frequency fluctuation reflectometry  (152kB)
M. Schubert, F. Clairet, F. da Silva, T. Gerbaud, E. Gusakov, S. Heuraux, A. Popov and R. Sabot
Development of a 2D full-wave JE-FDTD Maxwell X-mode code for reflectometry simulation  (2.6MB)
F. da Silva, S. Heuraux, T. Ribeiro, B. Scott
Procedure of the turbulence wave number spectra reconstruction using the radial correlation reflectometry data  (356KB)
E. Z. Gusakov, N. V. Kosolapova, S. Heuraux
ITER reflectometry diagnostics operation limitations caused by strong back and small angle scattering  (324KB)
E. Z. Gusakov, S. Heuraux, A. Yu. Popov
Radial Correlation Measurements at TEXTOR  (156KB)
A. Krämer-Flecken, S. Soldatov, T. Zhang and the TEXTOR–Team
Turbulence measurements using Doppler backscattering system during &rho* and &nu* scans on Tore Supra  (264KB)
L. Vermare, P. Hennequin, Ö. D. Gürcan, C. Bourdelle, F. Clairet, G. Falchetto, C. Fenzi, R. Sabot, M. Schubert, J. L. Segui and the Tore Supra Team