Monday, 4th May 2009
08:45 Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Matos Ferreira (President of IST)

Session 1 - Fluctuation Measurements
Chair: T. Estrada

09:00 Radial correlation measurements at TEXTOR
A. Krämer-Flecken (IER, Germany)
09:30 Status of correlation reflectometry analysis in JET
A. Figueiredo (IPFN, Portugal)
10:00 Reflectometry study on turbulence and ELM dynamics in limiter H-mode plasmas with and without RMP in TEXTOR
S. Soldatov (IER, Germany)
10:30 Coffee Break  
10:45 Turbulence measurements using Doppler reflectometry on ASDEX Upgrade
G. Conway (IPP-Garching, Germany)
11:15 Recent Doppler backscattering results from DIII-D
L. Schmitz (UCLA, US)
11:45 Upgrade of the TORE SUPRA doppler reflectometer and turbulence measurements during dimensionless parameters scans
L. Vermare (LPP, France)
12:15 Lunch Break  
13:45 Doppler reflectometer system in the stellarator TJ-II
T. Happel (CIEMAT, Spain)
14:15 Summary and Discussion on Fluctuactions Measurements led by T. Estrada

Session 2 - Density Profile Measurements
Chair: L. Schmitz

14:45 Observation of MHD modes with fluctuations and profile reflectometry in TORE SUPRA
R. Sabot (CEA, France)
15:15 New experimental results obtained using microwave reflectometry in HL-2A tokamak
W. W. Xiao (SIP, China)
15:45 Coffee Break  
16:00 Reflectometer measurements of deformation of the plasma boundary by MHD modes in the MAST tokamak
G. Cunningham (UKAEA, UK)
16:30 Investigation of the type-I ELMs induced edge barrier collapse at ASDEX Upgrade by applying the group delay spectrogram slices technique
L. Fattorini (IPFN, Portugal)
17:00 Turbulence - measurements and conditions
T. Gerbaud (IJL Nancy-Université, France)
17:30 Summary and Discussion on Density Profile Measurements led by L. Schmitz

Tuesday, 5th May 2009

Session 3 - Theory and Simulations
Chair: G. Conway

09:00 Status of the European Reflectometry Code Consortium
G. Conway (IPP-Garching, Germany)
09:15 An X-mode reflectometry study on the reflection point for density profile reconstruction
S. Heuraux (IJL Nancy-Université, France)
09:45 Development of a 2D full-wave JE-FDTD Maxwell X-mode code for reflectometry simulation
F. da Silva (IPFN, Portugal)
10:15 Procedure of the turbulence wave number spectra reconstruction using the radial correlation reflectometry data
E. Guzakov (IOFFE, Russia)
10:45 Coffee Break  
11:00 Study of radial correlation reflectometry using a 2D full-wave code
E. Blanco (CIEMAT, Spain)
11:30 Analytical and numerical studies on enhanced scattering due to wave trapping in the reflectometry experiments
S. Heuraux (IJL Nancy-Université, France)
12:00 ITER reflectometry diagnostics operation limitations caused by strong back and small angle scattering
A. Popov (IOFFE, Russia)
12:30 Lunch Break  
14:00 Full-wave test of analytical theory for fixed frequency reflectometry
M. Schubert (CEA, France)
14:30 Full-wave simulation of Doppler reflectometry in turbulent plasmas
C. Lechte (IPF, Germany)
15:00 Summary and Discussion on Theory and Simulations led by G. Conway

Session 4 - ITER Developments
Chair: A. Silva

15:30 Development of the HFS ITER reflectometry
V. Vershkov (KI, Russia)
16:00 Coffee Break  
16:30 Status of plasma-position reflectometry for ITER
P. Varela (IPFN, Portugal)
17:00 Summary and Discussion on ITER Developments led by A.Silva
19:00 Workshop Dinner

Wednesday, 6th May 2009

Session 5 - New Developments
Chair: L. Cupido

09:00 Status of the demonstration of reflectometry based plasma control on ASDEX Upgrade
J. Santos (IPFN, Portugal)
09:30 Tomogram and data analysis applied on reflectometry signals
F. Briolle (CFT, France)
10:00 Millimeter wave sensors - An overview
S.Pathak (IPR, India)
10:30 Reflectometry applied to reentry plasma
Sérgio Mota (IPFN, Portugal)
10:45 Coffee Break  
11:00 Summary and Discussion on New Developments led by L. Cupido

Session 6 - Hardware Developments
Chair: R. Sabot

11:30 The design of a KSTAR FM reflectometer
Seong-Heon Seo (NFRI, Korea)
12:00 Overview of the microwave reflectometry system for COMPASS
A. Silva (IPFN, Portugal)
12:30 Lunch Break  
14:00 Design of a fast-sweep profile reflectometry system on JET
A. Sirinelli (JET-EFDA, UK)
14:30 Density profile measurements with a new fast sweep reflectometer on JET
C. Bottereau (CEA, France)
15:00 Advanced reflectometer systems for JET KG10 density profile diagnostic
L. Cupido (IPFN, Portugal)
15:30 Fast sweeping reflectometry upgrade on TORE SUPRA
F. Clairet (CEA, France)
16:00 Coffee Break  
16:15 Summary and Discussion on Hardware Developments led by R. Sabot
16:45 Final Workshop Summary
E. Guzakov (IOFFE, Russia)