plasma driven controllable design of matter at nanoscales

PEGASUS - Plasma Enabled and Graphene Allowed Synthesis of Unique nanoStructures

The project PEGASUS embodies plasmas driven controllable design of matter at atomic scale level. To this end, PEGASUS ultimate goal is to create a highly efficient, catalyst/harmful-free novel plasma method along with a proof-of-concept PEGASUS device for a large-scale N-graphene direct synthesis, as well as N-graphene/metal oxides nanocomposites and unique vertical N-graphene arrays grown on metal substrates, via breakthrough research on plasma-enabled singular assembly pathways. By doing so, a disruptive and highly competitive alternative to conventional lengthy/multistep routes will emerge, based on the mastering of plasma exclusive mechanisms to control the amount and localization of energy and matter at atomic scales, spurring a new European manufacturing/processing platform. PEGASUS framework is uniquely positioned in the strategic domain of 2D materials via the promotion of plasma methods as a Key Enabling Technology for highly controllable and "green" assembly of atom thick hybrid nanostructures and by replacing long existing materials with new cost-effective, higher performance ones. The synergy between plasma physics and mechanical, electrochemical and hi-tech engineering expertise will be the driving force boosting the innovative approach pursued by this project, spanning from fundamental knowledge to appliance prospects. Internationally recognized scientists will contribute to this interdisciplinary project, triggering the commercialization of novel materials.

PEGASUS is Horizon2020 FET-OPEN Grant Number: 766894

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    May 2022

    PEGASUS Machine completed

    In the framework of PEGASUS project a disruptive plasma technology and proof-of-concept plasma-based machine was created for a gram-scale fabrication of high quality graphene and derivatives.
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    Nov 2021

    PEGASUS @ EIC Summit 21

    IPFN researchers Elena Tatarova, Bruno Gonçalves and Luís L. Alves were invited to deliver a talk in the training session "Let's Talk Patent" during the European Innovation Council (EIC) Summit 21.
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