At the Plasma Engineering Laboratory we master the production of low-temperature plasmas and their interaction with matter, both in volume and in surface phases. This know-how is used to conceive, design and operate innovative experimental setups for plasma-based applications. The Plasma Engineering Laboratory follows an experimental approach, including state-of-the-art plasma diagnostics and complementary complex modelling, to exploit the flexibility of microwave plasmas for tailoring matter and energy at nanoscale level. read more

Within GREMI, the activities reach from the plasma polymer deposition, plasma applications in the field of microelectronics, plasma-surface interactions (from diagnostics to deposition and functionalization of nanoalloys to polymer ultrathin films, nanoparticles or nanostructures). Besides fundamental research GREMI also carries out applications-oriented activities: materials for the novel fuel cells, biosensors, novel generation of MOSFET transistors. Our facilities include a clean room, as well as a reactor for the study of plasma based polymerization processes (shown in the pictures), among other equipments and plasma diagnostic tools. read more