plasma driven controllable design of matter at nanoscales

In the framework of PEGASUS project a disruptive plasma technology and proof-of-concept plasma-based machine was created for a gram-scale fabrication of high quality graphene and derivatives.
The plasma method employed is environmentally friendly, with no use of harsh chemistry, cost-effective, continuous fabrication at a single-step, at atmospheric pressure conditions. The process is controllable, generates hydrogen as a by-product, is automated and produces batches of graphene or derivatives with consistent characteristics that can be directly used in applications.
The method allows continuous large-scale conversion of cheap carbon-based precursors (such as ethanol and greenhouse gases) into high-valued, high-quality graphene and derivatives (e.g., N doped graphene) with tailored properties and a high-yield (~30 mg/min).
Thanks to plasma properties, the developed technology ensures an effective and reproducible control, at atomic scale level, over the fluxes of energy and matter towards the growing nanostructures, which feature the desired morphological, structural and functional properties, with high selectivity regarding single atomic layers (~50%).
A total of 13 patents have been submitted, of which four have already been granted. The technology is versatile, also allowing the synthesis of nanocomposite materials, using graphene as highly conductive matrices where metal oxides/sulfides/sodium nanoparticles are incorporated.
PEGASUS machine is a versatile, simple to use, provides high level of customization. PEGASUS technology provides higher quality graphene and derivatives than existent on the market as evidenced by comparison with quality of materials provided by reference suppliers.

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