Satellite Meetings

The EPS conference will be accompanied by satellite meetings. Note that separate registration may be necessary. Currently the following meetings are planned:

Workshop EFTSOMP - Workshop on Electric Fields, Turbulence and Self-Organisation in Magnetised Plasmas

Date: 29-30 June 2015, Lisbon

The EFTSOMP workshop is held annually as a satellite meeting of EPS Conference providing a platform for in-depth discussion of topics related to the physics of radial electric fields and turbulent transport of magnetised plasmas. The scope includes experimental and theoretical investigations of the flow-turbulence systems as well as the development of novel diagnostics and simulation codes.

The aim is to stimulate better interaction between experiment and theory as well as small laboratory experiments and large fusion devices

For more information visit the eftsomp2015 webpage.

For questions don’t hesitate to contact the organizers via

Lunch meeting "Women in Plasma Physics"

Date: 23rd June 2015, Lisbon

Join us for a lively debate around a light lunch, coffee and sweets, Tuesday 23rd at 1:00PM, in room Amália Rodrigues. Meet your peers, exchange information, find a role model, know your options. Open to all.

Special Action before the meeting:

  • Tell us about your experience.
  • Fill in this 5 minute anonymous questionnaire on gender issues, and meet us on Tuesday to learn how many of us agree with you.

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