Plenary and invited talks

Plenary and Invited talks of the Magnetic Confinement Fusion sessions

Plenary and Invited talks of the Beam Plasmas & Inertial Fusion sessions

Plenary and Invited talks of the Low Temperature and Dusty Plasmas sessions

Plenary and Invited talks of the Basic Plasmas & Space & Astrophysical Plasmas session

Magnetic Confinement Fusion

Plenary talks

Howard Wilson, University of York, UK
Pedestal structure and stability in tokamak plasmas

Isabel Nunes, IST, Portugal
Plasma confinement at JET

Yves Peysson, CEA, France
Advances in the modelling of lower-hybrid current drive

Guiseppe Dattoli, ENEA, Italy
Coherent radiation sources from X-rays to microwaves: fundamental physics and fusion applications

Invited talks

Felix Parra Diaz, University of Oxford, UK
Predictive model for intrinsic rotation in tokamaks

Stefano Coda, EPFL, Switzerland
The electromagnetic geodesic acoustic mode in the eigenmode and multimode regimes in TCV

Roberto Cesario, ENEA, Italy
Active current drive for thermonuclear reactors

Francois Ryter, IPP Garching, Germany
Key role of edge ion heat flux and neoclassical radial electric field in the L-H transition physics

Francisco L Tabarés, CIEMAT, Spain
Present state of liquid metal research for a fusion reactor

Mirjam Schneller, IPP Garching, Germany
Nonlinear energetic particle transport in the presence of multiple Alfvénic waves in ITER

William Hornsby, IPP Garching, Germany
Self-consistent gyro-kinetic simulation of tearing modes

Saddrudin Benkadda, University of  Aix-Marseille, France
Nonlinear generation of seed Islands through multiscale interactions between small-scale turbulence and mesoscale magnetic islands in plasmas

Jens Ruul Rasmussen, DTU Lyngby, Denmark
Numerical modelling of the transition from low to high confinement in magnetically confined plasma

Saskia Mordijk, CWM Virginia, U.S.A.
The role of turbulence in reducing particle confinement with 3D fields

Alexei Gurchenko, Ioffe, Russia
The isotope effect in turbulent transport control by GAMs. Observations and gyrokinetic modelling

Jon Hillesheim, CCFE, UK
Intermediate-k density and magnetic field fluctuations during inter-ELM pedestal evolution in MAST

Radomir Panek, IPP/CAS, Czech Republic
Edge plasma studies on the COMPASS tokamak

Baonian Wan, CAS Hefei, China
Efforts to achieve high-performance long-pulse operations in EAST

Pascale Hennequin, CNRS Palaiseau, France
Comprehensive experimental study of plasma turbulence structure and its scaling with rho*

Vasily Gusev, Ioffe, Russia
Globus-M plasma physics research for fusion application and compact neutron source development

Hugo Arnichand, CEA, France
Evidence of TEM contribution to fluctuation spectra in fusion plasmas and first application

Clarisse Bourdelle, CEA, France
Turbulent transport in tokamak plasmas: bridging theory and experiment

George Tynan, UCSD, U.S.A
Recent progress towards a physics-based understanding of the H-mode power threshold

Josefine Proll, IPP Greifswald, Germany
Microturbulence simulations in optimised stellarators

Ian Chapman, CCFE, UK
Understanding and utilising the control of ELMs in JET

Stanislas Pamela, CCFE, UK
Nonlinear MHD simulations of ELMs in JET and quantitative comparisons to experiments

Beam Plasmas & Inertial Fusion

Plenary talks

Simon Hooker, University of Oxford, UK
Laser plasma accelerators: Progress and challenges

Bruce Remington, LLNL, USA
High energy density with lasers

Vladimir Tikhonchuk, University of Bordeaux, France
Laser-plasma interaction and shock ignition

Invited talks

Alexander Andreev, ELI-ALPS, Hungary, MBI, Germany
Relativistic laser nanoplasmonics

Ceri Brenner, RAL, UK
Laser-driven proton acceleration for applications: from medicine to manufacturing

Hui Chen, LLNL, USA
Relativistic electron-positron jets from intense lasers

Jason Cole, Imperial College, UK
Laser wakefield accelerators as coherent hard x-ray sources for medical imaging applications

Stephanie Hansen, Sandia National Laboratory, USA
Progress in magnetized liner inertial fusion

Dominic Kraus, U C Berkeley, USA
Dynamically resolving the shock-induced transition of graphite to warm dense diamond and liquid carbon

Berenice Loupias, CEA, France
Characterization of near-LTE, high-temperature and high-density aluminium plasmas produced by ultra-high intensity laser.

Joana Martins, IST Lisbon, Portugal
Modelling radiation emission in the transition from the classical to the quantum regime

Paul McKenna, University of Strathclyde, UK
Electron transport in laser-produced plasmas (tentative)

Oleg Meshkov, Budker Institute, Russia
Optical diagnostics for plasma physics and accelerator science: commonality and differences

Chris Murphy, University of York, UK
Demonstration of nonlinear Compton scattering from LWFA of electrons

Mordecai Rosen, LLNL, USA
Indirect-drive ignition at NIF: Where we have been, and where we are going

Andrea Sgattoni, INO-CNR, Italy
High field plasmonics and laser-plasma acceleration in solid targets

Laszlo Veisz, MPQ, Germany
Laser wakefield acceleration of electrons with sub-5-fs laser pulses

Stefan Weber, ELI-Beamlines, Czech Republic
The role of plasma temperature and energy deposition location for shock ignition

Low Temperature and Dusty Plasmas

Plenary talks

Jean-Michel Pouvesle, University of Orleans, France
The use of low temperature plasmas for medical applications.

Richard Van de Sanden, FOM Institute, NL
Plasma non-equilibrium at work: key to success of energy technologies

Elena Tatarova, IPFN, Portugal
Graphene production by plasmas

Invited talks

Jon Tomas Gudmundsson, University of Iceland, Iceland
Reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS)

Zdenek Bonaventura, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Modelling the production of runaways by electron acceleration in streamers

Olivier Guaitella, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Role of dielectric surfaces in dielectric barrier discharges for CO2 conversion

Anton Nikiforov, Ghent University, Belgium
AP-Plasma jet, optical spectroscopy and laser induced fluorescence in diagnostics of non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma jets

Emilie Despiau-Pujo, LTM Grenoble, France
Molecular dynamic simulations of plasma-surface interactions for advanced etch processes.

Andrzej Bartnik, Military University Washaw, Poland
Photoionized plasmas induced with intense soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet pulses

Freddie Gaboriau, CNRS, University of Paul Sabatier, France
Experimental study of electron transport in magnetized low temperature plasmas

Ralf Peter Brinkmann, University of Bochum, Germany
Modelling and simulation of the advanced plasma source.

Klaus Dieter Weltmann, INP Greifswald, Germany
Plasma medicine

Masaru Hori, Nagoya University, Japan
Toward plasma cancer therapy: interactions among plasmas, liquids and cells

Mario Lino da Silva,  IPFN, Portugal
Heavy-impact processes in warm non-equilibrium plasmas: From modelling to experimental validation

Yevgeny Raitses, PPPL, USA
Coherent plasma structures in crossed-field discharge devices

Iris Pilch, Linkoping University, Sweden
On the growth of nanoparticles through collection of ions

Sergey Khrapak, German Aerospace Centre, Germany
Thermodynamics of Yukawa fluids and sound velocity in dusty plasmas

Basic Plasmas & Space & Astrophysical Plasmas

Plenary talks

Nuno Loureiro, IST Lisbon, Portugal
Magnetic reconnection: from the Sweet-Parker model to stochastic plasmoid chains

Anatoly Spitkovsky, Princeton University, USA
Particle acceleration and magnetic field generation in astrophysical plasmas

Yoshiharu Omura, Kyoto University, Japan
Generation mechanism of whistler-mode chorus emissions

Invited talks

Anne Stockem, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany
Physics of collisionless shocks - theory and simulation

Dominique Escande, Aix-Marseille University, France
N-body description of Debye shielding and Landau damping

Michel Koenigs, LULI, France
Radiative hydrodynamic experiments and laboratory astrophysics

Paulo Alves, IPFN, Portugal
Microphysics of unmagnetised shear flows

Andrei Beloborodov, Columbia University, USA
Magnetospheres of neutron stars

Adrian von Stechow, Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany
Experimental multiple-scale investigation of guide-field reconnection dynamics

Gianfranco Brunetti, Instituto di Radioastronomía, Italy
Plasma turbulence in galaxy clusters and its effect on the acceleration and transport of relativistic particles

Ineke De Moortel, St Andrews University, UK
Magnetohydrodynamic waves in the solar corona

Victor Gryaznov, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of RAS, Russian Federation
Thermodynamics of hydrogen and rare gas plasmas in mega- and multi-megabar pressure range

Hye-Sook Park, LLNL, USA
Weibel instabilities in laser-driven high Mach number counter-streaming plasma flow experiments

Phillippa Browning,University of Manchester, UK
Two-fluid and MHD modelling of magnetic reconnection in the MAST spherical tokamak and the solar corona

Ivo Furno, CRPP, Lausanne, Switzerland
Non-diffusive transport of suprathermal ions by intermittent turbulent structures

Roberto Celiberto, University of Bari, Italy
Electron-impact cross sections in plasma discharges

Victoria Yaroshenko, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany
Dusty plasma of the Enceladus plume