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Best Poster Awards - Winners list

Best Poster Awards - Winners list

Best Poster Award Diploma

Topic A                                                

P1-51: Electromagnetic analysis of breakdown conditions in JET, Francesco Maviglia, ENEA-CREATE


Topic B

P1-15: RF modeling of the ITER-relevant lower hybrid antenna, Julien Hillairet, CEA


Topic C

P1-35: Closed loop control of reversal parameter in RFX-MOD, Marco Barp, CNR


Topic D

P3-70: Thermo-mechanical analysis of retro-reflectors for interferometry and polarimetry in W7-X, Matthias Koeppen, IPP


Topic E

P2-146: Study on the dynamic behavior of a current in cable-in-conduit conductors by using self magnetic field measurements, Tetsuhiro Obana, NIFS


Topic F

P2-122: Alternative electro-chemically based processing routes for joining of plasma facing components, Wolfgang Krauss, KIT


Topic G

P3-129: Evaluation of electro-magnetic loads on the ITER diagnostic upper port plug during plasma distruption, Sunil Pak, NFRI


Topic H

P3-11: HCLL TBM design status and development, Giacomo Aiello, CEA


Topic I

P1-124: Wave period of free-surface waves on high-speed liquid lithium jet for IFMIF target, Takuji Kanemura, JAEA


Topic J

P2-11: Comparison of Global Variance Reduction methods for Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Simulations of ITER, Andrew Davis, CCFE

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