N onequilibrium anoscale ew horizons

Plasmas Reactive: Modelling and Engineering (N-PRiME)


The N - Plasmas Reactive: Modelling and Engineering (N-PRiME) group explores the potential of Nonequilibrium low-temperature plasmas for tailoring energy and matter at Nanoscale level and for reaching New Horizons in Space exploration. We intertwine experimental, theoretical and model-based predictive capabilities, providing answers to fundamental scientific challenges and developing novel plasma technologies with societal benefits.


  • Development of microwave-driven plasma-based technologies for the synthesis and engineering of two-dimensional nanostructures, as key enablers of the nanotechnology revolution;
  • Exploring microwave plasmas as sources of uncharted VUV/EUV radiation;
  • Operation of the European Shock-Tube for High Enthalpy Research (ESTHER), the sole Portuguese Space facility for the planning of planetary exploration missions;
  • Modelling and simulation of non-equilibrium reactive plasmas, adopting state-of-the-art kinetic schemes, including the complex transport of multi-species and radiation, and implemented in new computational platforms;
  • Curation of elementary data and databases.
Prof. Luís Lemos Alves , Group Leader
Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear
Instituto Superior Técnico
1049-001 Lisboa

Plasma Engineering Laboratory
Plasma Modelling and Simulation
Hypersonic Plasmas Laboratory

27 Sep

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