Timetable available here (pdf format)

Book of abstracts now available for download here


Invited talks:


S. Cowley, Challenges for Fusion Theory[talk]


  1. 1.X. Garbet, Interplay of turbulence, collisional and MHD transport processes[talk]

  2. 2.F. Militello,Understanding density decay lengths and particle exhaust in tokamaks from a theoretical and experimental perspective[talk]

  3. 3.P. Catto, Profile evolution and momentum transport in the core and pedestal[talk]

  4. 4.A. Stockem, Shock formation in astrophysics and laser-plasma interactions[talk]


  1. 1.J. Ball, Transport in tokamaks with tilted elliptical flux surfaces[talk]

  2. 2.F. Bombarda, The High Density Approach for Fusion[talk]

  3. 3.I. Calvo, Quasisymmetry far from the magnetic axis [talk]

  4. 4.L. Comisso, Formation of Plasmoid Chains due to Resonant Magnetic Perturbations[talk]

  5. 5.H. Doerk, Turbulence stabilization due to high beta and fast ions in high-performance plasmas at ASDEX Upgrade and JET[talk]

  6. 6.F. Hariri, "The Flux-Coordinate Independent Approach for Plasma Turbulence Simulations[talk]

  7. 7.E. Hirvijoki, Gaussian Radial-Basis-Function solution of the non-linear Fokker-Planck equation[talk]

  8. 8.M. Kraus, Towards Geometric Particle-in-Cell Schemes for Gyrokinetics[talk]

  9. 9.H. Lütjens, Effects of kinetic ions on internal kink modes with XTOR-K[talk]

  10. 10. A. Marocchino, Ablative hydrodynamic Richtmeyer-Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities at ablation front in direct-drive shock ignition scheme

  11. 11. M. Muraglia, Self-consistent interaction between MHD island and turbulence[talk]

  12. 12. P. Rodrigues, Predicting the stability of alpha-particle–driven Alfvén Eigenmodes in burning plasmas[talk]

  13. 13. A. Schekochihin, "Phase mixing vs. nonlinear advection in drift-kinetic plasma turbulence" [talk]

  14. 14. M. Schneller, Non-linear Energetic Particle Transport in the Presence of Multiple Alfvénic Waves in ITER[talk]

  15. 15. A. Stegmeir, The field line map approach to plasma turbulence simulations[talk]

  16. 16. L. Vlahos, Current fragmentation and particle acceleration in strongly turbulent plasmas[talk]

  17. 17. E. Westerhof, "Modeling of electron cyclotron current drive applied for neoclassical tearing mode stabilization" [talk]

Poster presentations:

Poster Session 1 – Tuesday, 6th Oct., 15:40h – 17:20h

P1.1 A. Bottino, Gyrokinetic Monte Carlo - finite element simulations of Alfvenic modesWITHDRAWN

P1.2 P. Zestanakis, A full-orbit treatment of collisionless transport of energetic particles in axisymmetric toroidal plasmas.

P1.3 A. Figueiredo, Comprehensive evaluation of the linear stability of Alfvén eigenmodes driven by alpha particles in an ITER baseline scenario

P1.4 M. Raghunathan, Single Particle Confinement in 2D and 3D Rotating Tokamak Equilibria

P1.5 I. Abel, Free Energy and Adjoints in Gyrokinetics

P1.6 C. di Troia, Equilibrium distribution functions for gyrokinetic studies of realistic tokamak Scenarios

P1.7 E. Highcock, Preliminary Trinity Simulations of JET DT

P1.8 W. W. Lee, Recent Progress on Finite-beta Gyrokinetics

P1.9 V. Naulin, Turbulence Spreading and Rotation Reversal in Ohmic L Modes

P1.10 F. Parra, Non-local effects on neoclassical flows and fluxes in transport barriers

P1.11 I. Predebon, ITG turbulence in finite-beta helical and axisymmetric reversed field pinch plasmas

P1.12 E. Startsev, Gyrokinetic simulation of the collisional micro-tearing mode instability

P1.13 F. van Wyk, Investigation of the effect of flow shear and the ion temperature gradient on marginally unstable turbulence in MAST using gyrokinetic simulations

P1.14 F. da Silva, Synthetic reflectometry probing of gyrofuid edge turbulence

P1.15 M. Held, Full-F gyrofluid edge turbulence computations

P1.16 H. Isliker, Identification of magnetic reconnection in the edge region of the RFX plasma

P1.17 A. Merle, Pedestal structure and stability of dierent H-mode regimes in the

TCV tokamak

P1.18 G. Anastassiou, Relativistic particle and momentum transport under interaction with a localised EM wave in a magnetized plasma

P1.19 A. Cardinali, Modelling of Lower Hybrid Current Drive in Tokamak Reactors

P1.20 S. Khan, Kinetic full wave analysis of electron cyclotron wave mode conversion in tokamak plasmas

Poster Session 2: – Wednesday, 7th Oct., 15:40h – 17:20h

P2.1 J. Bizarro, Growth estimates, control and structures in a two-field model of the

scrape-off layer

P2.2 A. Geraldini, Solving the kinetic equation of a magnetized ion gas close to a fully

absorbing wall

P2.3 R. Jorge, Simulation of SOL turbulence in the ISTTOK tokamak

P2.4 F. Riva, Effects of plasma shaping on tokamak scrape-off layer turbulence

P2.5 N. Dubuit, Remote Generation of Magnetic Island by Turbulence

P2.6 P. Maget, Viscosity effect on tearing modes in toroidal geometry

P2.7 C. Marchetto, Modelling the effects of NTM islands On the transport of heavy impurities in a tokamak

P2.8 C. Tsironis, Test-particle simulations of wave-particle interaction in the presence of magnetic islands

P2.9 E. Fable, Impact of the choice of core/pedestal transport modeling assumptions on

the performance of a DEMO fusion reactor

P2.10 D. Grasso, Transport processes characterizing the Quasi-Single-Helicity states in RFX-mod

P2.11 D. Hogeweij, Tracer transport with multiple W charge states in ASDEX Upgrade

P2.12 A. Teplukhina, Current ramps optimization study with the RAPTOR code

P2.13 M. Fox, Extracting physical quantities from BES data

P2.14 C. Silva, Experimental investigation of geodesic acoustic modes on JET using Doppler Backscattering

P2.15 N. Loureiro, Viriato: a Fourier-Hermite spectral code for strongly magnetised fluid-kinetic plasma dynamics

P2.16 C. Smiet, Self-organizing knotted magnetic structures in plasma

P2.17 E. Tassi, Hamiltonian fluid reduction of drift-kinetic equations for non-dissipative plasmas