Our Mission

The specific missions of IPFN, described in its Contract of Associated Laboratory, can be summarized as follows:

  • To supply technical support to the Portuguese participation in the European Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy (EUROfusion)
  • To perform the work programme of the Contract of Association between IST and the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM)
  • To collaborate with the European Space Agency (ESA) in the laser and plasma propulsion and in the study of the space plasmas
  • To assure the Portuguese participation in the European projects on new plasma accelerators
  • To develop the national technology in the scope of the ultra-short ultra-intense lasers for multi-disciplinary applications
  • To assure the Portuguese participation in the European projects and to develop national competence in the scope of plasma discharges and gaseous electronics technologies
  • To carry out research projects, service rendering, formation actions and scientific divulgation in its thematic areas
  • To collaborate in the graduate and post-graduate teaching in Physics and Plasma Engineering, Intense Lasers and Controlled Nuclear Fusion

Our Values

National and international enrichment

To further increase the impact of our activities by focusing on the fields where IPFN could lead and play a central role, leveraging on the combined expertise of our staff in theory, simulation and experiments, and the unique mix of know-how on a wide range of plasma physics and engineering


To have an active participation in the long-duration, large-scale R&D projects that will shape the landscape of the future EU infrastructures, carried out in the frame of International Organizations


To develop experimental facilities in the areas of magnetic and inertial confinement nuclear fusion, intense lasers and environmental plasma engineering, providing a critical home base for the experimental activities carried out in EU larger facilities; to enhance cross-cutting activities in plasma physics theory and modelling, taking advantage of our leadership in advanced computing infrastructures


To increase the links with industry by promoting its participation in IPFN projects, by licensing the technology developed in IPFN, or by launching industrial spin-offs

Preservation and dissemination of knowledge

To pursue advanced formation, training and outreach activities in the framework of national and international programmes in our fields of expertise, in close connection with the most important European initiatives, taking advantage of the Portuguese science policy directions

Continuous improvement and excellence

As a target for personal and professional growth, offering the ways and means for its attainment by improving the logistic conditions (installations compatible with the challenges of our activity), the human resources (to increase the number and the stability of our staff), the financial resources and the technical and administrative support teams