The Group of Engineering and Systems Integration is strongly focused on the development of systems for nuclear fusion experiments and in particular for ITER, JET and DEMO, having already several projects in its portfolio. It is the result of the Microwave Diagnostics and Control and Data Acquisition groups merging, with the integration of the Remote Handling activities previously carried out by Experimental Physics Group. The integration of all engineering activities enables answering in a focused, timely, effective and qualified manner to F4E and ITER calls and other contract opportunities for R&D and Innovation activities developed by the EU fusion program.

Group Leader: Bruno Soares Gonçalves


  • Diagnostics for the study of nuclear fusion plasmas
  • Data acquisition systems for nuclear fusion experiments
  • Studies for remote handling in nuclear fusion environments
  • Microwave high-frequency components to be used in nuclear fusion experiments
  • Computer codes to process and analyze data from nuclear fusion experiments
  • Computer codes to simulate diagnostic performance and nuclear fusion experiments
  • Studies of the chemical and micro structural changes undergone by materials in nuclear fusion experiments, in particular in-vessel due to the interaction with the plasma
  • New materials for application in nuclear fusion experiments


Bruno Soares Gonçalves, Group Leader:

  bruno at