The Gas Discharges and Gaseous Electronics (GEDG) group explores the potential of low-temperature plasmas for tailoring energy and matter at nanoscale level. We intertwine experimental, theoretical and model-based predictive capabilities, providing answers to fundamental scientific challenges and developing novel plasma technologies with societal benefits.

GEDG multidisciplinary activities articulate three research axes, the Plasma Engineering Laboratory, the Hypersonic Plasmas Laboratory and Plasma Modelling and Simulation, under the strong leadership of internationally recognized principal investigators.

Group Leader: Luís Lemos Alves


  • Microwave-driven plasma-based technologies for the synthesis and engineering of advanced two-dimensional nanostructures
  • Exploring microwave plasmas as sources of uncharted VUV/EUV radiation
  • Operation of the European Shock-Tube for High Enthalpy Research (ESTHER), the sole Portuguese Space facility for the planning of planetary exploration missions
  • New computational platforms simulating non-equilibrium reactive plasmas, also under high-speed flow regimes, including state-of-the-art kinetic schemes and complex transport of multi-species and radiation
  • Curation of elementary data and databases


Luís Lemos Alves, Group Leader:

  llalves at