The Materials Processing and Characterization Group operates the Ion Beam Laboratory of the Accelerator and Radiation Technologies Unit of Técnico Lisboa. Its major interest is to use ion beam analysis to unveil the fundamental processes behind plasma-material interactions and processes and to develop new materials with engineered properties.

Group Leader: Eduardo Alves


Plasma Wall Interaction studies and Materials Development:

  • Study erosion/deposition and retention properties in the ITER Like Wall in JET
  • Development of new compounds for fusion applications and study of their erosion and retention properties

Properties of WBS and insulating materials by ion irradiation:

  • Study the effect of ion irradiation on the properties of WBS hetero- and nanostructures
  • Doping and tailoring the electrical and optical properties of nanostructures by irradiation in order to enhance their efficiency for sensing applications
  • Fostering the potential of ion implantation and ion irradiation to process advanced WBS structures for light emitters and sensors


Eduardo Alves, Group Leader:

  ealves at