The High-Pressure Plasmas Group is strongly focused on the low-temperature plasma science and engineering research and fluid dynamics. The work of the group relies on theoretical methods, numerical simulation, and experiment performed both in partner laboratories abroad and in the Plasma Laboratory operated by the group. The Plasma Laboratory is a part of facilities allocated to the group on the Penteada Campus of Universidade da Madeira in Funchal and was established with support from FCT, COST programme of the EU, and industry (Philips).

Group Leader: Mikhail Benilov


  • To develop self-consistent theory and modeling methods of arc discharges including electrodes. This is a topic of high scientific interest and highly important for applications of arc discharges
  • To develop a theory and modeling methods for self-organization in near-electrode regions of gas discharges with cold electrodes. Self-organized patterns have been observed in virtually all types of discharges: DC glows, RF, coronas, DBD, magnetron discharges and are of very high scientific interest and potential importance for applications


Mikhail Benilov, Group Leader:

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