The Group of Experimental Physics is responsible for the operation and scientific exploitation of the Portuguese tokamak - ISTTOK - and collaboration with other fusion devices like ITER, AUG, JET, TJ-II, TCV, W7-X, TCA/Br and COMPASS by developing diagnostics and real-time control systems, participating in the experimental campaigns and collaborating in the modeling, data analysis and development of numerical codes.

Group Leader: Horácio Fernandes and Carlos Silva


  • Edge plasma turbulence studies, focused on the data analysis from a broad range of diagnostic tools
  • Development and exploitation of diagnostics for physics studies and machine protection in different fusion devices
  • Development and characterization of materials and assessment of plasma impact on plasma facing components
  • Machine operation, safety and protection, with an active participation in the operation of JET with ITER-like wall and consequent development of candidate operating scenarios
  • Scientific exploitation of the reflectometry systems developed by IPFN with focus on AUG and JET


Horácio Fernandes, Group Leader:

  hf at

Carlos Silva, Deputy Leader:

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