Nuclear Fusion at IST’s Physics Week

IPFN was represented by Bruno Gonçalves, who gave a presentation about nuclear fusion. The focus was to demystify the dangers people associate with nuclear energy, while also explaining the differences about nuclear fusion and fission and how both can be used to produce electricity.

In contrast, the students could see how non-renewable energy sources were used and how they are damaging our environment. One graph highlighted how if Asia started to use as much coal as Europe (or even worse, as the USA), we would have an environmental crisis in our hands.  As Bruno Gonçalves put it: “We are in the water heating business. We heat water to create electricity, albeit with coal or nuclear fusion. Better to choose one that does minimum damage”.

After the talk the students had the chance to question about what they heard and got to know more about ITER. We believe that when they left, they were less scared and more open to different energy options.