Rui Coelho nominated to the E-TASC Scientific Board

Dr. Rui Coelho has been recently nominated to the Scientific Board of the EUROfusion – Theory and Advanced Simulation Coordination (E-TASC).

The E-TASC initiative stems from the timely need of Europe to be at the forefront of the development of a predictive capability for ITER plasmas as well as for fusion power plant DEMO burning plasmas.

Adhering to EUROfusion roadmap priorities and timescale in the fields of plasma physics, plasma-material interaction and exhaust, materials science, neutronics, engineering, systems and reactor design codes, the E-TASC will seek to drive progress in all of these areas. It also pushes towards a modern advanced computing approach to integrated modelling to develop a state of the art suite of virtual fusion systems (tokamak or stellarator) simulators.

Congratulations Rui, for representing IPFN at E-TASC!