ATHENS Course in Plasma Science and Technology

A new edition of the ATHENS Course in Plasma Science and Technology, organized by the Scientific Area of Plasma Physics, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion of the IST Physics department, will take place next March 14 to 20.

This introductory course to Plasma Physics and Technology deals with the basic properties of weakly and fully ionized plasmas, and with the basic concepts and mathematical tools needed to understand such media. The notions acquired provide the necessary background for further studies in the fields of gaseous electronics, fusion plasmas, space plasmas or lasers and laser-plasma interactions.

The course includes theoretical lectures, problem solving classes, as well as laboratory and numerical simulation workshops.

The latest edition of the took place from 16 to 22 November 2019 (pictured). We welcomed students from different nationalities and with backgrounds in science and engineering – predominantly physics, but also chemistry, mathematics , materials science and nuclear mechanical engineering. 

The course promoted an intensive training in fundamental concepts in plasma physics, diagnostic techniques, plasma applications and technologies, nuclear fusion and experimental remote control (e-lab). 

A survey carried out by the IST Center for Mobility and International Cooperation revealed great excitation and interest among the participants, who chose the course as the second best overall among the ATHENS courses at the European level.