Secondary school students start internship at IPFN

From May 22nd to July 21st, IPFN welcomes three interns from António Damásio Secondary School's Professional Course in Information Systems Management and Programming, to engage in activities related to plasmas and nuclear fusion. This internship is part of a protocol between the school and the research unit, with IPFN previously hosting two interns in 2022. On May 22nd, teacher Maria Eugénia visited IPFN to sign the protocol along with Dr. Bruno Gonçalves.

The students will work directly with Professor Rogério Jorge from the Physics Department, under the mentorship of students Paulo Figueiredo and Miguel Madeira (MSc in Physics Engineering, 2nd year), who are currently completing their master's theses at IPFN.

The internship, totalling approximately 300 hours, involves workplace context training and comprises three distinct projects: Rodrigo Inácio will develop unit tests in Python for open-source software developed by IPFN, Daniel Duarte will create a new database for fusion energy machines, and Alexandre Almeida will develop a dedicated open-source website on the subject of nuclear fusion.