Évora University students visit IPFN

Last friday, a group of students from Évora University visited IPFN. Their group was received by Dr. Bruno Gonçalves, president of IPFN, and he showed them two of IPFN's labs: the L2I and the ISTTOK.

L2I stands for Laboratório de Lasers Intensos, which translated means 'Intense Lasers Laboratory'. Hugo and Celso, two of IPFN's post-docs who work in L2I, explained their work to these students, starting by answering the question 'why are we dressed up like this?' If you also want to know the answer, why not schedule a visit yourself?

Afterwards, the visit took these students to ISTTOK, a Tokamak. The visit to the Tokamak was lead by Dr. Bruno, and he explained how nuclear fusion works, what are the necessary elements for it to occur, and the way a Tokamak works.

We were really glad to receive this visit, and are always open to receiving more students, show them our work. All the photos from this visit are available at: https://flic.kr/s/aHskxC9UBe

If you want to schedule a visit, just send us an email: ipfn@ipfn.tecnico.ulisboa.pt.