5th Workshop on Lasers organised by IPFN

From September 5 to 7, the 5th IPFN Workshop on Lasers for secondary school teachers was held, organised by IPFN, namely by the Group of Lasers and Plasmas (GoLP).
The workshop goals are the scientific update of the participants, teaching the basic concepts of lasers and their contemporary applications, visits to high power laser laboratories and the dissemination of lasers, optics and photonics as basic technologies for the fundamental societal challenges of the 21st century. The training is provided by IPFN experts in this topics.
This initiative is part of IPFN's mission to promote scientific dissemination and outreach, while being a privileged vehicle for disseminating research activities carried out at IST, and an excellent way of publicizing them to a large number of high school, prospective IST students.
The workshop consists of theoretical and practical sessions. The program was designed in articulation with fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry of the curricular program of secondary education. For the laboratory classes, each teacher received a Photonics Explorer kit, developed by EYEST, with which they could test experiments to demonstrate the operation and applications of lasers and light sources. Each teacher took back a kit to their schools, with the goal of using them as a teaching aid in their Physics classes.
Fifteen teachers took part in this edition, from different areas of the country. For three days, they shared their interest and excitement while discovering new ways to promote their students' interest about optics and lasers.