IPFN joins outreach event at IFMIF

Last September 11th our colleague Nuno Cruz, together with European and Japanese researchers working at the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF) in Japan, welcomed a group of around 50 students from Aomori High School. They visited the Rokkasho Fusion Energy Research Centre and had their lunch at the ITER Remote Experimentation Centre room. This room will be used for the remote participation of Japanese scientists in the ITER tokamak experiments, located in the south of France.

The young visitors had the opportunity to learn about the ITER project and the Broad Approach collaboration between Europe and Japan to the local students, fostering their interest in related scientific areas and stimulating them to pursue a future career opportunity in fusion technologies.

Nuno Cruz is an IPFN/IST member currently working in the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator and giving support to the Instrumentation and Control group, aiming at improving and validating the local control systems.