Congratulations are in order!

September is usually a period of transitions, with students leaving the team to take up new challenges, and new ones joining up so that the flag can be carried through!

This year is no different and we took the opportunity to mark a milestone with the already traditional group photo at the Hypersonic Plasmas Laboratory. 

Congratulations to the students who completed their Masters Thesis with bright colours:

Pedro Gonçalves, Aerospace Eng. Ms.C, Thesis title: 'Hypersonics: Laying the Road Ahead'
Ana Catarina Gomes, Aerospace Eng. Ms.C, Thesis title: “State-to-State Transport in Hypersonic Entry Flows”
Diana Luís, Aerospace Eng. Ms.C, Thesis title: “Performance Design of Hypervelocity Shock Tube Facilities”

and Welcome to our new students:

Luís Fernandes, Aerospace Eng. Ms.C candidate (back from Shangai)
Élio Pereira, Aerospace Eng. Ms.C candidate
José Rocha, Aerospace Eng. Ms.C candidate
Ricardo Ferreira, Ph.D. APPLAUSE student (2018 cohort).

May we carry the flag faster and higher!