ENDEAVOR reaches final phase of Everis Award

The ENDEAVOR (ENabling large-scale proDuction of graphEne And deriVatives OveR  plasma  machine) project is one of the 15 finalists of the Everis Portugal Award 2020, selected among 117 submitted projects. 

The technology transfer proposal was led by Bruno Soares Gonçalves and Elena Tatarova (Principal Investigator of Project PEGASUS). The final pitch will be presented in September.

ENDEAVOR, a spin-off of the FET Open project PEGASUS, aims to commercialise a plasma-based device that enables access to high-quality graphene derivatives for developers of graphene-enabled products who need to incorporate graphene derivatives on their solutions. The device is a user-friendly, versatile and scalable technology that provides high-quality graphene derivatives for multiple applications.

Unlike the low-quality graphene derivative products existing on the market, ENDEAVOR ensures the automated and continuous production of consistent batches of graphene derivatives for incorporation into the customer products.

One of the greatest challenges faced in the commercialisation of graphene is the production of high-quality pure material in bulk quantities at a low price and in a reproducible manner.

The ENDEAVOR device is based in a disruptive technology that enables large scale conversion of inexpensive carbon-based precursors into high-valued, high-quality graphene derivatives with tailored properties. It relies on a single step process at atmospheric pressure conditions levering on IPFN expertise and capabilities for the full control of the synthesis process at the atomic scale. 

The device is fully automated enabling a synthesis-by-design production of high yields of carbon nanostructures with well-controlled and pre-defined structural qualities. Additionally, it is a scalable, inexpensive, turn-key solution easy to incorporate in the production chain. Last but not least, it is an easy to operate, single-step method.