Status of Associate Laboratory renewed

IPFN has renewed the statute of Associate Laboratory in the recent round of evaluations performed by FCT. The 40 Associated Laboratories that were selected in this evaluation will receive complementary funding for 5 years for the development of activities aligned with the national scientific and technological policies. 

An Associate Laboratory is an R&D institution or a consortium between R&D institutions established to pursue a number of objectives of national scientific and technological policy. The Associated Laboratories must have as their main goal to gather the necessary critical mass in the pursuit of specific objectives of national scientific and technological policy. They must deepen the development and promotion of their own scientific or technical careers, provided for by an employment contract for an indefinite period or a permanent employment contract, depending on the applicable legal regime.

In their report, the evaluators praised the involvement of IPFN researchers  in European projects such as ESA or ITER, their success in attracting European funding and the notable international recognition that guarantees access to important, long-term research programmes in large-scale research projects. The performance of IPFN over the years was also recognized, as well as its relevance in the international organisations demonstrating consistent, focused, and successful governance and leadership.