The closing session of the latest edition of Lab2Market@Técnico took place last June 24th at the IST Alameda campus. Of the five teams selected, two were from IPFN: PEGASUS (Plasma Enabled and Graphene Allowed Synthesis of Unique nanoStructures) and MARIA (Mobile Application for Radiation Intensity Assessment).

“Being part of this initiative has allowed the market to come closer to the products developed at IPFN”, says IPFN president Bruno Gonçalves, who attended the session. About the role of the partners involved, he states that “the collaboration with Everis consultants was essential in enabling IPFN researchers to develop new skills.”

This acceleration program for market-driven breakthrough technologies featured 250 hours of mentoring with the Everis and I-Deals teams between April and June.

Throughout this program, the teams involved were able to show and share the experience lived during this edition of Lab2Market@Técnico, whose jury was composed by António Brandão Vasconcelos, Everis Portugal chairman, Rodolfo Condessa, Senior Associate of Armilar Venture Partners, Luís Caixinhas, Trademark and Patent Attorney at Inventa International, and Carla Patrocínio, Técnico’s Technology Transfer Office coordinator.

Photo credits: Débora Rodrigues